You’re comfortable in your healing business.

You’ve got some clients. You’ve made some money.

You’ve been as successful as you could be with first layer of your purpose, but you feel your Soul knocking on your heart’s door asking you to answer the call for more.

People look at you from the outside and believe that you have it all. They believe that you’re living your purpose to the fullest, but you know that there’s more. You know that your Soul is preparing you to step into something even greater than the beautiful work you’ve already done and even bigger than anything you have ever imagined.

You’re starting to realize that you have more to give. There’s something missing from the work you’ve been doing and you’re curious about how to bridge the gap from where you are to where you’re headed.

There’s something that wants to be explored.

You’re not sure exactly what that looks like or what the next step is to take, but you are certain that you can no longer pretend that you’re fully expressed.

Something has to change.

There’s a bigger expression of who you are and how your gifts want to be expressed in the world and you know it’s time to let that happen.

Here’s the thing though…

There are no text books written for this.

You’re a trailblazer.

You’re doing something that not many people have done before you.

When you look at 12 step plans and other people’s strategies something feels incongruent.

You want this to be birthed from a place of deep authenticity and genuineness but you also know that doing it alone doesn’t feel right either.

You’ve done things on your own for a while and you’re now realizing that the vast nature of your vision is requiring you to flex your receiving muscles and welcome support.

The good news is we know this journey well and we’re here to help.

Finding your way here today wasn’t a mistake. This is your soul seeking a launching pad for the energy and structure that is required to manifest this divine vision in human form.

So the thing is…

You’re at a crossroads right now.

You can continue doing what you’re doing, but you know that your Soul’s knock is only going to get louder and louder until you listen and respond to its call.

And let’s face it, the planet can’t wait much longer either.

You’re being called into this version of yourself because your gifts are required to support the awakening of planetary consciousness and no one else has the unique codes you carry.

Imagine that you can speak freely in your marketing and with clients about the ancient wisdom you have remembered, the intuitive knowing you sense, and the powerful Truths awakening on the planet.

Imagine what freeing your true essence would do for the planet and for your clients.

What if you could stop playing it “safe” and feel empowered to allow yourself to birth that retreat about sexual healing and yoni eggs, write that book offering your channeled transmissions, share galactic intelligence on a podcast, release that eCourse on twin flame attraction, host community ceremonies and rituals, organize a sacred circle for trauma healing or anything else you’ve been believing the world isn’t ready to receive?

And we hear the part of you that’s wondering if you can get paid for this.

It’s not just you. We have these parts too and they always perk up when things are about to get real and it feels scary.

We invite you to scoop those parts up with lots of love because we’re here to tell you that there is a rich and wild abundance waiting for you on the other side of this vision calling you forth and it’s not just financial.

Imagine more joy, pleasure, love, and satisfaction living in the fullness of who you are and why you’re here.

Don’t just take our word for it, let’s journey together and you can see for yourself.

So what do you say…

Are you done doing it by yourself?

Are you ready to be fully expressed and to let the world experience the magic of your gifts?

Let’s activate your Healers Code.


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About The Healers Code Co-Creators


Hi I'm Keri Nola...

I used to hide behind fancy professional "healer" credentials because I thought they made me worthy of being seen and heard in our success driven culture, but today (more often than not), I know I'm enough simply being and taking inspired action from my heart. 

I Am moved by compassion. 
I Am awakened by Truth. 
I Am deeply aware of our wholeness
I Am here to shine a light in the darkest spaces to support the awakening of healers at this sacred time of humanity's evolution & I'd be honored to support you.

My super power is merging energy and structure to bring our divine creations into human form. Pretty cool, huh!?

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And I'm Lloyd Burnett.

My purpose is to support people in waking up & accessing wholeness.

What does waking up and accessing wholeness look like in reality?

Embracing your inherent abundant nature.

Waking up to your purpose & consciously expressing it.

Loving all parts of yourself. Even the parts you learned were unloveable.

We are all spiritual beings living a human experience. My gift is to support you in embracing your pain, fear, and perceived limits, and learning how to transmute that energy into life force that gives you access to your heart's truest desires.