The Healers Code Manifesto

I choose to follow the energy of my soul and take righteous action in the direction of the infinite intelligence.

I choose to transmute illusions, patterns, limiting beliefs, conditioning and stories that no longer serve the highest expression of my soul’s purpose.

I choose to activate the dormant gifts, faculties and frequencies that support the full expression of my inner healer.

I choose to honor the sacred exchange of abundance and wisdom.

I choose to see and honor the visible and hidden parts of me and others and meet any resistance with curiosity.

I choose to remember that the flourishing of all happens through my willingness to flourish.

I am responsible to the highest level of my awakening that I have accessed.

I am a stand for truth and integrity.

I am committed to allowing the natural creative energy that is most designed to move through me to come forth.

I am committed to the most conscious expression of power and serve as a living transmission of this energy for others.

I vow to honor the spirit of these principles and commit to the natural unfolding of my soul’s evolution.

Healers Code Activate.

And so it is!